Indigo Palace, Sunday 8th September 2013

30 Over Match: Inkpen beat Indigo Palace by 4 wickets (Indigo Palace 45 All Out in 18 overs, Inkpen 46/7 in 14 overs)

Inkpen finished the 2013 season with 3 wins from 4 matches played with an entertaining victory over Indigo Palace.

A downpour before the start made for a very tricky pitch, with deliveries skidding flat past many a bemused batsman.

Indigo Palace batted first and struggled to 45 all out. Some rapid bowling however then quickly removed the first three Inkpen batsmen to make the game interesting. Jon Kempster and Steve Angus steadied the ship, and Inkpen finally made it home, albeit much less comfortably than it could have been.

Team: Mark Richards, Simon Hanna, James Wooldridge, Jon Kempster, Ian Dixon, Steve Angus, Nigel Pateman, Alex Hiscock, Dennis Mare, Mark Bates, Phil Day, Phil White, Mark Robinson (for Indigo Palace)