Boxford, Sunday 30th August 2020

30 Over Match: Boxford beat Inkpen by 20 runs (Boxford 180/5 in 30 overs, Inkpen 160/4 in 30 overs)

Team: Dave Lester (Capt), Wayne Knape, Patrick Lowe, Stuart Walker, Richard Mitchell, Dave Lamb, Phil Day, Lee Duff, Kevin Dolan, Luke Donohoe, Richard Broer

Match report by Dave Lester…

So as we come to the end of yet another summer (according to the weather people), Inkpen were on there final travels of the year to their old friends Boxford. Now before we start it has to be said that Boxford have helped Inkpen cc out over the years. From the lending of their heavy roller.. and boy is it heavy to showing us many moons ago what a village team should look like and how it can be used to bring a village closer. So thankyou Boxford for providing us with blueprints and equipment. So on to the game with the weather set fair and no spikes allowed due to an Astro turf- no doggy bounces this week and a new player amongst us… welcome David lamb, It was Inkpen who finally won the toss with a tail ( I knew it would come in soon) and decided to bowl.

With a young… Scrape that an older team taking to the field with Luke “ im 19 in the head but my body is 99, pass me the deep heat” Donohoe being the youngest there was going to be a lot of work for the physio I feared. So with Dave “ wow this kit smells” Lester and Rich “ Don’t you dare stand next to me lester” Breor opening, it was Boxford that got off to a strong start with their 2 openers using cow corner like their very own shooting range 39 for 0 off the first 6… although this could of been for 1 had Wayne put some effort it in when fielding. So with the skipper fearing this could get messier than luke D’s whites in the field- yes he brought his lovely girl Sarah to watch him so of course he had to dive around a bit— sore groin my arse. It was a bowling change that was required and as luke seemed to be ok it was over to him and the Wayne “ superman” Knape (more on the superman bit later) to fire up the engines and boy did they do well with Wayne removing the opener for 38 caught behind, and Luke removing their number 3 for 1 also caught behind- that’s right ladies and gentleman Dickie “ Teflon” Mitchel held on to not 1 but 2 catches Inkpen had pegged Boxford back and with Wayne……. Woah sorry Wayne i’m taking the glory on this one Dave “ the salmon lester” taking another catch Boxford were on the ropes…. that was until the youngsters appeared.

So as the score ticked on it was over to our new man David” I’m more a batsman than a bowler” lamb to show us what he’s got, well I can tell you he’s got a lot. With medium pace straight bowling he managed to get the youngster driving and with one huge swing the ball was driving to the long off boundary… was this to be another 6.. not if superman had anything to do with it. Wayne “ ill make an effort on this one” Knape launched himself upwards………. and then came crashing back down so much so a small tsunami was seen in the Thames, did he hold on to it?, Had he stopped a 6?, was he still alive?, the answer to all these was YES, what a catch, even the batsman couldn’t believe it.

Boxford were 103 for 4 with 10 overs remaining, make that for 5 with the skipper taken another catch and Inkpen carrying on their outstanding form of catching this year. There would have been more ooh’s and ahhhs from the crowd however Phil “ look at my bruise” day could quite hold on to a rocket and stu “ if I dive it will look like i’m trying “ walker shelling one .However that was to be the end of any more fielding master classes as step forward two young brothers who’s age it must be said (and it was), didn’t add up to the age of David Lamb’s pads (apparently there quite old) however they could bat. So with the wicket taking bowlers using up all their overs, expect Luke “more deep heat please” Donohoe who couldn’t, it was back to Dave “ sponsored by Greggs” Lester to allow Boxford to reach 180 for 5 off 30 overs. Could Inkpen chase this total and secure a famous victory?…. No I hear you cry, well it was a lot closer than you might think.

So with our settled opening partnership of Wayne “did you see my catch” Knape and Pat “ grumpy” Lowe- (he knows what that means) Inkpen were off to a flyer…. well Wayne was. With the ball being dispatched by Wayne “ seriously did you see my catch” Knape to all parts of the ground and pat holding fast at the other end, Inkpen were in the chase and reaching 35 off 6 overs with no wickets down, it was on. Until the next over that was and with a beauty from yet another youngster ( where do they bred them) Pat was gone and with Stu “ don’t go near the edge” Walker twisting his ankle on the edge of the astro turf and then soon getting out, it was over to our new man David “ wheres my cap dear “ Lamb to continue the chase. Well I say chase, for the next 10 overs once Wayne “ swing and a miss” Knape was bowled, the score board started to collect dust, as Rich “ super glue” Mitchell performed his “thou shall not pass” batting technique and David “ Seriously how old do I feel” Lamb struggle to get the youngster away, inkpen were struggling scoring 20 runs in 9 overs.

So with the waiting batsman making there own entertainment by appealing for the umpire to give Rich “ I shall not be moved” Mitchell out in order for the rest of us to hit some runs, it seemed as if they had awoken the beast, as all of sudden the boundary was being pelted 4,s 6,s mainly from Inkpen’s new wonder player. However Rich “oh look I can hit it” started to get in on the act hitting two 4’s himself… was the chase back on? could Inkpen do the unthinkable? From 67 off 22 inkpen went to 142 off 28. when rich was run out for 17.
However with Dave ”I want every one to swing” Lester striding in and hitting the first ball for 6, Inkpen needed 25 off the last over. Surely not was David “ we must sign him up” Lamb and the skipper going to pull it off… Alas no with 20 required of 4 the skipper went for a big swing, unfortunately that’s all he did, as the bails went flying so had Inkpen’s chance of glory. With Phil “ Not out” Day remaining stead fast Inkpen fell 20 runs short and yet another defeat.

This club however does not worry about the result, we worry about making sure we can all stand on Monday morning, without the use of a zimmer frame. I believe Stu and Luke will be fighting over its use tomorrow. We also pride ourselves on welcoming all players regardless of age and ability, however it does feel good when you find a mature player that brings a little bit with them and they play for you. Finally we pride ourselves on having a good time and ensure everyone goes away happy, well almost every one… i’m sorry for moving the fielder Pat.

So back home we go to welcome some more friends next week in Wilton which incidentally was our only victory last year, could we do it again…. I doubt it